Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where I Was Born

One morning in the summer of 1956 Granddaddy Jones and I were motoring westward along State Route 2, in Holmes County, Florida, some twenty-five or thirty miles west of the town of Graceville. In that region the road roughly parallels the Florida - Alabama line, and is some seven or eight miles to the south of it.

I knew that Granddaddy had once lived in the area through which we were then passing, and I asked him some question or other about it. After addressing my question he pointed northward, in a direction generally toward the little town of Geneva, Alabama, and said, "The house where you were born was a mile or two that way, over across those woods."

From where we were at the time I concluded that the place of my birth is located about five or six miles southeast of Geneva, which would place it in Holmes County and about two miles below the Alabama line.

     Granddaddy Jones was Mama’s daddy. He and I were great buddies.


  1. Very nice start! I can see that it makes your closeness with grandson Boo even more dear to your heart! Can't wait for more!

  2. Are you talking about the Jones road that goes by Uncle Jim's or the road that turns left and goes by Campground Church where granddaddy was buried? Love, Louise