Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Naming

 I had always wondered how my middle name came to be selected. On Christmas Day, 1990, I asked Mama about that.

    She stated that I was named by Daddy, and that he named me Vernon, after his best friend, and would have let it go at that.   But Dr. Beazely from Geneva, who attended my delivery, said that I should have two names. Daddy replied that he didn't know what the other one would be.   Dr. Beazely asked what was his name, and Daddy said, "James." "Well then," said Dr. Beazely, "his name shall be James Vernon Lewis."

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  1. Love it! I, too am named for my Daddy and Grampa, both Claudes! While Grampa went by that name, my Daddy was "Bob" as his middle name was Robert. I was mama's last one and she agreed to the name, but secretly didn't like it! She said she was relieved I was a girl! Good memories! Thanks!
    Oh, and love the new header! Is that your Chipley?